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The theme for CeBIT 2016 puts people right at the center of the processes that are driving the digital transformation. So do we at our Konica Minolta booth H 17 in hall 3. Visit us and get new insights into the intelligent possibilities of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

This is what we have in store for you:

  • Process Consulting – Live Modeling
    Optimisation of end-to-end content- and information-based business processes
  • Smart Cloud Services
    Simplify your working life
  • Office of the Future – Enterprise Content Management
    Seamless ERP integration, IT service management, digital mailroom, invoice, contract and personnel file management
  • Business Innovation
    Digital workplace, collaboration, communication

We look forward to welcoming you as our guest at CeBIT 2016 where we present strategies, methods, and tools related to your key organisational processes.




If you rely on our experts in IT infrastructure and security issues and their experience of 10 years and more, you will gain competent consultancy concerning all IT security aspects that are relevant for your enterprise and infrastructure. We will prioritize the necessary organisational and technical changes, helping you reduce your risks and lowering your individual attack surface. Together, we will build an IT infrastructure and security concept that’s customised to your company’s specific needs.
We take an end-to-end view of your entire processes and will not stop at single or partial results. Our process consulting not only covers the information flow in your organisation but also your process content. We customise our comprehensive proposal to your business processes, rather than asking you to adapt your business processes to our solution.

Increase the power of your workflow!
Take advantage of the unique opportunity to model your process live at our CeBIT booth. Simply bring a process of your choice along or develop this together with us.
The central electronic contract administration gives you maximised transparency throughout your organisation. Faster searches and the diligent use of all contract advantages result in interesting cost savings. And thanks to automatic reminders, no one in your team will ever miss another costly deadline again!
Enhance transparency, reduce processing times, and make all procedures traceable: Optimise the management of your incoming invoices and save costs with the consistent deduction of time-limited discounts. What’s more, you also facilitate and speed up the compilation of your company’s monthly balance.
Streamline your HR administration with highly efficient personnel management, from administrating job applicants to the accounting of travel expenses: Securely archive all information and make it accessible with a single mouse click, no matter where you need it. You and your personnel department will benefit from considerable time savings and gain capacities for the conceptual and strategic personnel management.
With your decision for seamless ERP integration, you will ensure the fast operation readiness after the adoption of new ECM solutions into your IT infrastructure. Benefit from instant availability of the new solutions and from easy operability of all applications, old and new. Avoid disruptions to familiar routines, save time and concentrate on your really important tasks!
Opting for the digital processing of all incoming mail, you will enhance the transparency and improve the overall efficiency throughout your enterprise. Your organisation will benefit from enormously reduced internal processing times, which among others also facilitates the diligent deduction of time-limited cash discounts. The important time gains are highly beneficial for numerous more profitable tasks.
If your business is service-intensive, you can’t do better than integrate SuSy* into your IT infrastructure. Everyone in your team and your customers alike will benefit from streamlined procedures, instant access to all relevant information, as well as maximised transparency with regard to active incidents and the past customer history. Increase customer satisfaction and the overall efficiency of your entire performance with SuSy!

* SuSy = Support Ticket System – a single tool for comprehensive IT Service Management
Achieve higher efficiency, productivity, security and data protection in your document and information workflows with our smart and secure Cloud Services, including for example automatic translation, invoice capturing, conversion, or guest printing. Rest assured that our offerings are scalable to the demands of your organisation and number of users, and will always remain up-to-date!
If you take advantage of our full-service solution, we will provide and integrate a comprehensive solution package into your existing infrastructure. We will ensure its smooth running, maximised availability and security as well as take over the administration and maintenance – while you can fully concentrate again on your core business.
The Konica Minolta Collaboration Platform offers a seamless connected platform for the collaboration of individuals, teams, and departments – no matter where these are located; locally or globally; in the office or at home. As such, it proposes a wide range of use cases across multiple industries – from joint medical x-ray diagnosis via multiple displays to establishing a creative space for interactive engagements, whether with colleagues or clients. The Collaboration Platform is host system and hardware independent; so you can choose what type of screen you want – something sophisticated, or simple yet effective. With the entire solution, your enterprise can take full advantage of comprehensive global collaboration capabilities.
Every day, several talks will alternate in our Business Show Zone, providing valuable further information on issues related to our installations.

Explore our exhibition space.

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Business Show Zone

Make sure not to miss our additional offer of information: Every day, several talks alternate in our Business Show Zone, providing valuable further information on related issues.

  • Managed Services for hybrid environments
  • Enterprise Search – the first step towards control of document chaos
  • Process Consulting – efficient information management
  • Smart Cloud Services
  • Security and Digitisation

Following each talk, there will be an opportunity for open discussion and further exchange with our experts, insiders and visiting industry professionals. Also feel free to approach one of our specialists for your personal appointment.

Press area

In line with Konica Minolta’s slogan for the CeBIT 2016: “You want to go digital. We will get you there.”, visitors will have the opportunity to experience simulated processes in areas such as e-mail management, contract management, and the processing of personnel files or invoices. At its stand, Konica Minolta will be illustrating how ECM systems can be integrated into various types of workflow, ranging from document capturing and digital processing to archival storage.

During the CeBIT Global Conferences on 15 March, Shoei Yamana, President and CEO, Konica Minolta, Inc., will talk about driving sustainable growth, with focus on connectivity - connectivity with device and data, with the environment and with people.

If you accredit for the CeBIT, your press ID will authorize you to attend the CeBIT Global Conferences 2016 free of charge.

See you at CeBIT 2016 in Hanover!

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